We are a relatively unknown organization because we represent a relatively unknown disease. We are trying to change that.

There are many ways you can help if you are willing. 

We can use more volunteers to do part time work for us.

We  get many inquiries from people who suffer from PA who have been unable to find a doctor who is knowledgeable about PA.  That's a major part of the problem and part of the reason why we exist at all.  We are trying to compile a list of cardiologists and cardiology groups that have someone who is really knowledgeable about PA and would be willing for us to refer patients to them.  We need to find them in as many parts of the country as possible.  Would you be willing to make phone calls to offices who offer cardiology services to ask them if they would feel comfortable to have us refer Prinzmetal's Angina patients to them.  This would include hospital's cardiology departments.  If you would be willing, please get in touch with us at

Are you good at designing a database for a computer that would allow us to have a good working system for listing doctors who would be willing to take on PA patients?  Please contact us.

Are you a graphic artist?  We could certainly use some artwork to make our website more interesting and understandable? Drawings illustrating the muscle spasms that cause PA would be very welcome.


If you would like to make a cash donation to help us with our work, please click on the "Donate" button below. Whatever you donate will be greatly appreciated.  100% of it will be used for APAA work.  A donation to APAA is tax deductible.

Thank you.