Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the APAA  (American Prinzmetal's Angina Association, Inc.) to raise the awareness of the general public and medical professionals to the existence and serious nature of  PA  (Prinzmetal's Angina) and to stimulate medical research into this insidious disease.

The sad fact is that Prinzmetal's Angina is a disease about which a great percentage of health care professionals are misinformed.  We hope to eradicate much of the misunderstanding about this disease.  

We gather and publish information for the general public and technical information for medical professionals.  We ask for the help of everyone to submit additional information about  PA.

Please send us your personal experiences concerning problems or solutions to problems related to PA.  Something you pass on could be of enormous help to someone else who is having difficulty finding help for his/her condition. Please let us know if we have  your permission to add your comments to our web page.  If not, we will treat them 100% confidentiality.

 We will publish this data as we acquire it.

A donation to APAA is tax deductible.